Change Number of Monitors/Screen Resolution quickly with Shortcut or Batch file

October 9th, 2017

I recently fixed an issue in restoremonitors7 that makes it possible to create a shortcut on your desktop (or a batch file) to quickly change your screen resolution and/or number of active monitors to preset settings on Windows 7 and above.

License terms are here. Basically it is free for personal and commercial uses.

You can download the restoremonitors7 executable from here

This utility works on Windows 7 and newer windows versions.

Before using it, to setup the preset settings, you first use the Windows control panel to setup the desired monitors and screen resolution, and then save these settings at a command prompt by running:

restoremonitors7 -save “file_with_settings”

Later on when you want to restore this preset monitor/screen resolution configuration, do:

restoremonitors7 “file_with_settings”

You can create a shortcut on your desktop that calls “restoremonitors7 “file_with_settings”” so that you can quickly switch to your desired configuration.

I tried using other tools but each tool had some issues:

MultiMonitorTool: After a reboot my MultiMonitorTool shortcut would not work properly anymore, restoremonitors7 works across reboots.

Display Changer II: This tool from 12noon works, but it costs $499 for commercial use so the high cost was not an option. restoremonitors7 is currently free for commercial use.

Hotkey Resolution Changer is not capable of having multiple monitors with different resolutions, restoremonitors7 is capable of multiple monitors with different resolutions.

wsdisplaysettings has the same working principles as restoremonitors7, but it has a nag screen and not free for commercial use. restoremonitors7 has no nag screen and is currently free for commercial use.

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